Duplexing is the art of bonding together two sheets to give a finished result that makes it look like one! This can be further complicated by bonding 3, 4 or multiple sheets which can give a multi-coloured sandwich effect when viewing the edge of the page. the only constraints are your imagination!

Please use the Duplexing calculator to give a guide price for your project or contact us and make use of our years of experience and knowledge to get you the best finish possible.


The process of bonding multiple sheets together can be used to form a whole host of different effects.

The most obvious use is to increase the thickness of a desired board / paper, most stocks of paper don't come in a heavy enough weight and have to be duplxed to produce a desrired thickness.

Another reason is to hide show through on two sided projects, when embossing or hot foil blocking with a heavy impression in the centre of the duplexed sheet to stop it transferring to the backing sheet. 



We can also produce edge painting effects, this means we can paint the duplexed edge of the finished item. A business card can be painted in a  contrasting colour to produce an eye catching effect. 

Due to the infinite number of variations available we offer a free trial service - just send us the stocks you want to use and we will duplex them free of charge. This not only helps to show you the end result it also acts as a great sales tool for you to use with your customer.

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